Why You Should Spend The Day At Melaka's Riverside

Melaka is a state full of historical buildings and it has its own unique mixture of cultures where you are able to find traces of histories from different countries such as China and Japan, and Portugal, Spain and England. In addition, Melaka is also listed as one of the ten best places that you should visit in Asia in year 2017. If you are looking for a place to stay in Melaka in a long term, there are also many houses for rent in Melaka that you can check them out.
Melaka Riverside

Whenever people think of Melaka, the first thing that comes to their minds is: history, which is true to a certain extent, as Melaka itself is a place full of different historical buildings with its own stories and history. This however, does not make Melaka a boring place. Instead, you will be amazed to find out how interesting can Melaka be. Melaka riverside alone is going to be interesting enough to make you change your perspective towards Melaka, and you might even fall in love with this state. This article will guide you through the reasons why you should spend the day at Melaka riverside.

1.      Attractive murals and street art
First of all, there are many attractive murals created by the famous street artist – Fritilldea. You will find a surprising number of murals sprawled across the riverside. The state government has spent millions ringgit in beautifying Melaka riverbanks by cleaning the river water and they also refurbished the pedestrian bridges.

These murals are facing the Melaka river and it is no doubt a famous spot for Instagram lovers where they will be able to snap many Instagram worthy photos. So if you are one of those Instagram lovers, you know where to take your instagram worthy outfit of the day (OOTD). Just make sure your outfit do not camouflage with the murals.

Tourists will be able to notice a monorail project that has not been completed along the cruise ride. This project is controversial as it has some technical problems, therefore, was stopped in 2011. However, rumor has it that the project will get back on track once again in 2017. In addition, there is also some river taxis project going on which will have a route from the Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Complex to the Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal. In between the route, there will be 5 jetties.

2.      History lesson
Yes, you read it right. You will also be able to learn some history lesson from the river. There is Melaka River Cruise by the river company that offers sailing services for tourists or visitors to take a boat ride along the river. The cruise itself is 45 minutes and it will pass the buildings built back in the Dutch era at Bukit St Paul, also known as St Paul Hill, then to the old warehouses in Chinatown that have been remodeled, down to Kampung Morten where you can find many traditional wooden houses that are gaily painted. Along the cruise, you will also past through some mangroves till you reach the northern terminus: Taman Rempah jetty.

3.      Traditional homes at Kampung Morten
You can also take a stroll along Kampung Morten that is filled with many traditional homes. There are a total of 85 traditional homes that are named after the British Comissioner of Lands – JF Morten. JF Morten is also known as the British commissioner that loaned money to the settles for them to buy land.

If you are keen to know more about Kampung Morten, you could sign up for a free walking tour tat starts at Villa Sentosa. This free tour will also allow you to meet the residents of Kampung Morten and you might even get to learn more about some history information that you might not get elsewhere.

There is also one house in Kampung Morten that is painted pale green. It has been a home to 4 generations, with interesting old photos, ceramics from the Ming dynasty, items that were used during a wedding ceremony and an old Quran that has been around a century ago.

At the edge of Villa Sentosa, there is a Rumah Merdeka with the national flag of Malaysia painted on the roof and 14 states flags of Malaysia along the picket fence.

4.      Great bargain at the markets and malls
There will be a weekend flea market behind Discovery café where you will be able to find old magazines, bicycles, handmade leather items, shop signs and other vintage items that might interest you.

Other than the flea market, there is also a shopping mall – Shore Shopping Gallery, where you will be able to find departmental store such as Tangs. There is also an aquarium and a Sky Tower where tourists can have a bird’s eye view of Melaka Riverside. If you are an adventurous person, do try to step on the glass floor balcony.

5.      Interesting accommodation by the river
If you are looking for a place to stay long term, you could check out some houses for rent in Melaka. There are many lodgings located along the river for tourists. These lodging will be a great place for you to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of Melaka river, especially during the night.

(     a)    Bridge Loft
Bridge Loft is located in 3 shop houses that are near the pedestrian bridge. Tourists will be able to choose from 5 decorated rooms and breakfast is provided at the café in unit 5.

(     b)   Quayside Hotel
Quayside Hotel is a hotel that offers larger space that brigs comfort to tourists in a warehouse lookalike building, where some rooms have balconies facing the riverside.

(     c)    1825 Gallery Hotel
1825 Gallery is an accommodation that features beautiful architectural styles from the Southeast Asian elements and contemporary art. Interesting fact: the name itself is the date of completion (1825) of the shop houses.

Friendly reminder: Do bring along mosquito repellent to prevent getting mozzie bites during your stay. If not, wrap up yourself with clothes that cover both your legs and arms.
In conclusion, Melaka is a great historical state with many historical places that you can make a visit to. Other than the famous Melaka riverside, there are also many places that you could visit when you are in Melaka. It is no wonder that Melaka is listed under the Unesco World Heritage listing in year 2008.

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